Zuum Shoes | As Seen On Shark Tank | Lightweight And Portable Self Balancing Electric Skates


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  • ✔ Durability | Zuum Shoes Were Built To Last. We’ve Entrapped The Battery With Fireproof Casing, So You Will Have Peace Of Mind Knowing They Won’t Catch On Fire. Zuums Have Been Rigorously Tested Through Fire, Water And Drop Tests To Ensure That You Are Receiving The Highest Quality Product. They Are Durable Enough For Any Adventure.
  • ✔ Easy And Fun To Ride | Maintain Superior Control And Stability With The Self Balancing Design That Makes Riding Zuums Easy And Safe For All Ages. Simply Lean Forward To Go Forward And Lean Backwards To Move Backwards. Their Independent Skate-like Design Allows You To Go Through Tight And Narrow Spaces With Ease!
  • ✔ Lightweight & Portable | With Each Zuum Shoe Weighing Only 7 Lbs, Their Integrated Carrying Straps Make The Zuum Shoes Easy To Carry And Take With You Anywhere! They Easily Fit Inside A Backpack, And Are Tsa-certified, So You Can Take Them With You On Your Flights. The Weight Limit Is 220 Lbs.
  • ✔ Fast, Long Distance Riding | Zuum Shoes Can Reach Cruising Distances Of Up To 8 Miles And Reach Top Speeds Of Up To 8 Mph. Making It Easy To Go Fast, Get There Quickly, And Have Plenty Of Battery Power To Spare. Zuums Can Continuously Be Ridden For Up To 1.5 Hours And Then Can Fully Recharge In 2 Hours.
  • ✔ Zuum Shoes, Best-seller Featured On Shark Tank | Innovative Self Balancing Electric Skates That Both Kids And Adults Can Enjoy, Simply Slip Your Feet Onto Them, Turn Them On, And Zuum Your Way To Wherever The Day Takes You!
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