Superstone Bread Dome With Green Exterior Glaze And Glazed Interior For No-knead Bread And Roasting Chicken, Meats And Vegetables



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  • Easy Cleanup! The Glazed Interior Makes Cleanup A Snap! The Base May Also Be Put Into The Dishwasher Since It’s Fully Glazed. The Exterior Always Looks New With Its Attractive Color Glaze. You Can Be Proud To Show It In Your Kitchen On A Shelf Or The Counter.
  • Multi-purpose Great For Roasting Potatoes With A Fluffy Light Interior And Crispy Skin. Roast Succulent Chicken, Meats And Vegetables. The Glazed Bottom Won’t Absorb Flavors Making This A Truly Versatile Piece For Both Chicken, Meats, Fish And Vegetables As Well As Bread.
  • Microwave And Convection-oven Safe And Securely Packed! The Superstone Bread Dome Withstands Temperatures Over 500°F; After All Its Fired At 2100°F! And It’s Safely Packed Passing Ups Drop Tests To Ensure That It Arrives Safely At Your Door.
  • Bake Like A Pro! The Superstone Bread Dome Mimics A Professional Brick-lined Oven Right In Your Own Kitchen! Many Baking Cookbooks Recommend Superstone Because Of Its Superior Performance. The Unglazed Interior Lid Pulls Moisture From The Dough, Producing A Bread With A Crackly Crust And Light Interior Crumb Just Like Breads From Your Favorite Artisan Bakery! The Domed Shape Circulates Air For A Uniform Heat Producing Perfect Baking Results And A Crust Without Hot Spots.
  • Perfect Shape And Size For No-knead Bread! The Superstone Bread Dome Is The Perfect Shape For Baking No-knead Breads. Use Your Favorite No-knead Bread Recipe In Our Superstone Bread Dome And You’ll Marvel At The Results!
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