Meat Claws ǀ Bpa Free Plastic Material ǀ Easy To Use ǀ Kitchen Accessories ǀ Shredding Tool | Non-toxic | Black Color



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  • ✔️ Fun To Use – These Cooking Claws Are Specially Designed For Easy Handling And Shredding Of Anything Hot In The Kitchen Where You Would Not Use Your Hands.
  • ✔️ Multi Purpose – The Meat Claws Are Not Only Used For Shredding Purpose But Also Helps In Other Kitchen Chores Like Holding Hot Food, Tossing Salad And Or Carving And Slicing Different Things.
  • ✔️ Professional Accessory – Choose This Professional Kitchen Accessory To Hold The Meat From One Claw And Shred It From The Other.
  • ✔️ Meat Claws – These Claws Are Used To Shred Pork, Handle Poultry Or Removing Any Meat From The Hot Grill Or Stove.
  • ✔️ Time Saver – These Meat Claws Are Utilized By Bbq Masters, Home-kitchen Meat Shredders And Food Truckers. It Saves Lots Of Your Time And Energy By Shredding A Large Piece Of Meat Altogether.
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