Measured Pourers With Bug & Dust Flap 1-1/2 Oz”blue” Measured Pour. #1 Selling Brand- 12 Per Pack, Made Entirely In The Usa



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  • Three Ball Bearings, Rather Than The Old Standard Two, For A Smoother, More Accurate Pour. A New Bottom Design That Ensures That The Ball Bearings Will Never Fall Into The Bottle.
  • Some Old-style Spouts Are Assembled Using Glue That Has Been Proven To Break Down In Alcohol. Precision Pour Spouts Are Assembled Using A Patented Locking System, Avoiding Glue Altogether.
  • With Precision Pour 3 Ball Liquor Pour Spouts, You Can Offer Your Customers The Same Delicious Taste, Drink After Drink, No Matter Who Is Tending Bar.
  • By Reducing Overpouring And Spills With Precision Pour Spouts You Can Serve An Additional Two To Four Drinks Per Bottle. This Means That A Precision Pour Spout Will Pay For Itself In Just One Bottle.
  • Precision Pour Spouts Are Made Using Virgin Plastic, A Far More Durable Material. Some Old-style Spouts Also Employ Polycarbonate Plastic Which Will Break Down In Alcohol. We Use No Poly-carbonates.
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