Lobster Deveiner – Simple To Use Lobster Cleaner Tool – Perfect For Divers And Lobster Lovers To Use With Lobster Crackers, Lobster Picks And Lobster Kits, Orange



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  • Don’t Eat Lobster Poop – Our Lobster Cleaner Lets You Enjoy Fresh And Clean Seafood And Get Rid Of All Of That Unwanted Bacteria That Can Cause Plenty Of Terrible Diseases And Intestinal Problems When Consumed By Humans. Everyone Knows About Removing The Intestinal Tract From Shrimp, But Few Know That The Same Process Has To Be Done To Make A Lobster Safe For Eating. We Make It Easy To Clean Your Lobster In Two Simple Steps So You Can Get Down To Enjoying It.
  • The Addition Your Lobster Diving Gear Needs – Picture It: Sunny Day On The Water, It’s Lobster Season. You’ve Got Your Lobster Snare And Lobster Tickle Stick Ready To Go. You Jump Into The Water, And That Sense Of Freedom And Fun Overtakes You The Minute You Break The Surface. After Several Minutes Below You’ve Caught Yourself Some Handsome Looking Crustaceans, And You’re Ready To Munch Down. You Get Them Cleaned With Our Deveiner, Throw Them Over The Fire, And That Hard Earned Dinner Is Ready.
  • Fastest Way To Clean A Lobster – Pro Chefs Know The Value Of Time When It Comes To Preparing The Perfect Dish. Getting The Intestinal Tract Out Of A Lobster Typically Requires Separating The Tail From The Body Then Butterflying The Tail In Order To Pull The Dark Colored Thread. Our Chef Seafood Tool Eliminates This Time Consuming Process, While Also Keeping The Lobster Whole By Using This Incredible Seafood Kitchen Utensil That Gets The Job Done In Under A Minute.
  • Super Easy And Safe To Use – Our Lobster Deveiner Is The Perfect Tool To Keep At Home, Or Take With You On The Boat. The Tool Features An Ergonomic, No-slip Handle That Makes It Safe To Use, And It’s Also Dishwasher Safe For Easy Cleaning. A Plastic, Tamper Proof Plastic Cap Makes Our Lobster Tool Easy To Store Either At Home With Other Kitchen Equipment, Or On The Boat With All Of Your Fishing Gear. Thanks To Our Tool You’re Going To Love Cleaning Freshly Caught Lobsters.
  • Great Lobster Tool For The Home Kitchen – If You’re Ready For All Star Dishes And Succulent Recipes From Your Own Home, This Is The Perfect Kitchen Tool For You. Whether You’re Just Getting Back From A Day On The Boat, Or 30 Minutes At The Grocery Store, Our Deveiner Is A Fun Kitchen Gadget You’ll Trust At Home For All Lobster Cleaning Needs. You Can Use Our Deveiner On A Whole Lobster Or Just The Tail, Depending On The Way You’re Cooking It And How You Prefer It.
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