Casserole Dutch Ovens Ceramic Cast Iron Enameled Casserole,enamel Pot Cast Iron Enamel Soup Pot Saucepan Olive Green 24cm



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  • The Steam Circulation System Locks The Delicious Food. The Inside Of The Lid Has 16 Condensation Points. When Cooking The Food, The Hot Air Rises To The Top Of The Pot, And It Will Turn Into Water Droplets And Drip Back Into The Pot, Locking The Original Flavor Of The Ingredients.
  • Enamel, /enamel/, Also Called /enamel Porcelain/, Belongs To Inorganic Glass Enamel. It Will Not Produce Harmful Leachables Due To High Temperature, And At The Same Time Protect The Cast Iron Pot Body, Let The Cast Iron Pot Have A Gem -like Appearance.
  • Because The Enamel Pot Itself Has Good Thermal Conductivity, Do Not Use A Large Fire. After Preheating With A Low Fire, You Can Adjust To A Medium Or Small Fire For Cooking.
  • The Enamel Pot Has Excellent Sealability, Which Can Reduce The Water Loss Of The Ingredients During Cooking And Retain The Original Taste Of The Food.
  • Made Of High-quality Cast Iron, It Has Good Heat Conduction And Heat Storage Functions, Uniform Heating, Shortening The Cooking Time, No Easy Loss Of Nutrients, Stable Temperature In The Pot, And Can Prevent Food From Being Damaged By Delicious Cooking For A Long Time.
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