Arc Usa, Juicer Press Squeezer, Manual Hand Press, Professional Fruit Juicer, Heavy Duty, Orange Juicer, Citrus Juicer, Lime Squeezer Press Stand, Commercial Grade Hand Press Extractor



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  • 🍹Perfect Fits For All Size Oranges, Lemons And Limes, Squeeze Them All With Maximum Result.
  • 🍹Solid Cast Iron Construction With Food Grade Brushed Stainless Steel Strainer Ensures 100% Safety And Hygiene, This Professional Grade Commercial Juicer Is Perfect For Restaurant And Home Use.
  • 🍹This Commercial Juicer Is Super Easy To Operate: Just Place Your Fruit In The Device (larger Fruits Need To Be Cut In Half) And Press Down On The Handle, Ready To Enjoy Fresh Juice In A Second; Both Cone And Funnel Parts Are Detachable & Dishwasher Safe, Which Makes Juicer Cleaning A Breeze
  • 🍹The Citrus Juicer Uses Leverage And Gravity To Get The Job Done With Little Effort. Ergonomic Design Helps Smooth Operation, Cut The Citrus,put It Flat Cut Side Down On The Strainer, Put Down The Hammer. Powerful And Safe Crusher Capabilities. Crush And Squeeze A Variety Of Small Fruits And Veggies In The Comfort Of Your Kitchen.
  • 🍹Heavy-duty Citrus Juicer With Built With Rubber Suction Cup Feet, Stays Firmly In Place To Help Reduce Sliding Around, Tipping And Falling, Brings Superb Stability
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