Aluminum Herb Grinder – 4 Piece –



  • Aesthetically, The Sutra Grinder Comes In Five Different Colors To Customize Your Experience. It Comes In Blue, Red, Titanium, Gray And Green, And Each Coloring Comes With A Lustrous Coating That Helps To Bring Out The Natural Shine. The Grinder Is Machined Using A Cnc Process, And It’s Crafted From Aircraft-grade Aluminum Billet. The Outside Is Anodized For A Smooth Finish, And The Etchings Along The Side Make For A Tight Grip.
  • There Is No Metal To Metal Contact With This Grinder, As The Teflon O-ring Helps To Avoid This Issue.
  • This Grinder Can Easily Grind Down Your Dry Herbs Into A Consistent Texture. Evenly Ground Herbs Will Provide A More Profound And Flavorful Vaping Session, So It’s Important To Invest In A Grinder That Will Get The Job Done. The Sutra Aluminum 4-piece 50mm Grinder Will Do Just That.
  • The Grinder Consists Of Four Pieces With Three Distinct Compartments. The Grinder, Sifter And Container Are All Contained Inside The Grinder. The Teeth Used To Break Up Your Herbs Are Razor-sharp, And They Are Made From Non-breakable Material So This Grinder Will Last A Long Time. It Has A Fine Steel Mesh Screen On The Sifter While The Exterior Uses A Design That Makes It Easy To Twist.
  • With This Grinder, You Won’t Have To Stir Or Mix Your Bowls. The Surface Area Of The Herbs Is Maximized, And This Allows The Heating Mechanism To Provide A More Uniform Heating Overall. You’ll Be Able To Bring Out The Natural Flavors Of Your Herbs, And Get A More Efficient Vaping Session. The Main Benefits Of A Grinder Include More Consistent Ground Herbs, Improved Efficiency Of Your Vape, A Faster Breakdown Process And It Can Even Act As Storage For Your Herbs.
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