2.5L304 Stainless Steel Whistle Kettle, Fast Boiling, Domestic Kettle, Three-layer Composite Bottom Kettle Suitable For Various Stove Tea Kettles



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  • Food Grade 304 Stainless Steel: Satin Finish, Durable, Easy To Clean, And Long Life. Thickened Base For Efficient And Even Heating, Ensuring You Can Enjoy It When You Crave Tea Or Coffee
  • Perfect Whistling: Large Capacity-make Tea For Your Entire Family With This 2.5L Large Kettle. Loud Whistle Makes Sure You Can Hear It From Another Room When The Water Is Boiling.
  • Built-in Whistle: Loud Whistle Makes Sure You Can Hear It From Other Rooms When The Water Is Boiling. You Can Do Other Domestic Chores, Relax, Watch Movies Or Play Music Without Having To Worry About Watching The Kettle Until It Boils.
  • Cooling Handle: Ergonomically Designed Handle And Button Technology Make Pouring A Breeze.
  • Fast Heating: A Sturdy, High-quality Teapot Is Made Of Three Layers, With An Iron Layer Between Two Layers And A Stainless Steel Interior. The Sturdy And High-quality Teapot Attracts Housewives Due To Its Fast And Uniform Heating, Reducing Waiting Tea Or Coffee Brew Time Is Right For You.
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